Project NameDescriptionFunding Since InceptionStatusContactImages
TAPEstablished in 1999, TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) is the oldest FOL initiative. It provides partial scholarships for pre-school, secondary and vocational education students. fees.$61,000On-going support needed.PCV Committee
VAC and HIV AIDSFOL provides funds to support a variety of PCV initiated small projects ranging from HIV/AIDS murals, life skills programs, youth center activities, orphan gardens, pre-school projects, nutrition classes, etc. Grant amount is established by a Committee of PCVs, who also review and approve projects.$5,275On-going support needed.PCV Committee
Nursing Scholarship ProjectA pilot program initiated by FOL in cooperation with the US Embassy in Lesotho. The goal is to fund room, board and uniform expenses for the top 15 deserving students at NHTC. The first round of funding will come from the TAP account. Over time, FOL will establish a fundraising campaign specifically targeted to this much needed educational program.$3,000 (10)On-going support needed.PCV Committee, US Embassy, NHTC
African Library Project
Butha Buthe Pony TrekkingFOL served as a fundraising conduit to help launch this small business enterprise undertaken by 2 young Basotho men in the Buthe Butha village where RPCV Georgann Gall (a horse lover) was assigned.$600 (05)CompletedGeorgann Gall, RPCV
Desks for Mountain Schools (MOU)Construction by local Basotho of desks and benches for schools. FOL served as a fundraising conduit on behalf of PCV Madeline Uranek, who oversaw the construction and installation of the desks and benches.$10,163 (09)CompletedMadeline Urankek, RPCV
Laptops to LesothoWorking in the remote village of Ketane, Laptops to Lesotho provides access to high-quality education, whether children can attend school or not, by supplying each child with their very own, specially designed, kids' laptop, by providing access to the internet, and by training the children how to use them. FOL is providing funding for the school network, internet service, and security hardware.$1436 ('10)On-going support needed.Janissa Balcomb, Co-Founder & RPCV
LCCU (Lesotho Child Counseling Unit)--MOULCCU provides a temporary (can easily be up to a year based on court hearings and other factors) shelter, trauma counseling, educational support and legal advocacy for orphans and vulnerable children. FOL served as a conduit for the collection and disbursement of funds used for completing construction of a 4-dormitory shelter and for renting fields and paying wages to the Basotho who worked the fields.$19,829 (06-09)On-going support needed.Lydia Muso, Founder
Lesotho StonecarversPurchase of materials for construction of a secure tool/office storage building and a shaded work area that allowed the carvers to work outdoors during the hot season. The carvers used the funds to build both structures, but also used reclaimed stones for materials.$450 (06)CompletedSharon Zeiden, RPCV
Little AngelsDay care that feeds 45+ orphans 2 meals per day.Special assistance is also provided for HIV positive orphans. A greenhouse and chicken coop has been built, 100 broilers were purchased and sold. FOL has provided support from its orphan project fund. Support is needed for other food production programs to ensure long-term sustainability.$200 (09)On-going support needed.Rose Paradise, RPCV living in Lesotho since 2003 and working with local chief and other villagers.
Mazenod HIV/AIDS Village Support GroupRenovation of an existing building donated by the chief and establishment of an orphan and adult HIV positive meal program. FOL served as a conduit for the collection and disbursement of funds, which supplemented a PEPFAR grant.$5,000CompletedChuck Kuehn, RPCV
Morija Museum (MOU)The Morija Museum is the only national museum and archives in the country, established initially by French Missionaries in the late 1800's. The museum staff conducts hundreds of educational tours for primary and secondary students annually. The annual October Morija Arts and Cultural Festival is a special event presented by the museum, which draws people from the entire region surrounding the tiny Mountain Kingdom. A new museum project in the works involves up-dating the English-Sesotho and Sesotho-English dictionaries as well as publishing a book of Basotho folklore stories. It has literally been centuries since these publications were much support is needed.$348 (05-08)On-going support is needed.Stephen Gill, Curator
Peka Classroom Completion (MOU)Roofing and school repair project for a school located between the border of Leribe and Berea districts initiated by PCV, Kaye Thompson. The school at her site was overcrowded, but also had two partially-built but yet unusable classrooms with only walls. Thanks to Kaye, the classrooms now have roofs, concrete floors instead of dirt, windows and doors. FOL served as a conduit for the collection and disbursement of funds Kaye raised from family and friends, totaling $2,700. FOL provided a 25% matching amount allowing her to complete the project.$3,375 ('10)Completed ('10)
Kaye Thompson, PCV
Touching Tiny LivesOrphanage for HIV positive children in the remote mountain district of Mokhotlong.$275 (06)FOL involvement completed.US non-profit foundation established Ken Storen, in association with Notre Dame.
Village Hope (MOU)Village Hope is an orphanage located in a remote Butha Buthe village and provides shelter and educational support for a growing number of orphans, averaging 30-50 in this small village. FOL serves as a fundraising conduit on behalf of RPCV, Georgann Gall.$3,134 (09)On-going support needed.Georgann Gall, RPCV

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