Board Service

If you’ve always wondered how you could give a little more than your annual dues, now is the chance to volunteer your time, special skills, and enthusiasm.

  • Directors are members in good standing who are elected on their ability and willingness to support the purpose of FOL
  • Nominations are welcome year round
  • Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in March
  • Directors serve for two-year terms.

Committees and Task Forces

FOL members who do not wish to make a long-term commitment to the board are encouraged to:

Join standing committees, or work on special projects which match their skills and interests to the needs of the organization.

For a summary of the expected level of commitment see the Board and Committee description of work below.

If you’re interested in application or nomination, please complete the Nomination Form and email it to the address shown within the form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the committee members.


Committee members are asked to commit approximately 2-4 hours per month, on average, depending on the particular committee functions.  At a minimum, we hope that committee members will be willing to make at least a 1-year commitment to FOL.  Longer time commitments are preferred in order to fill the Committee Chair positions when they become vacant.

Most committee work is handled via e-mail and tele-conference meetings held every other month.  Thus, members need to have regular e-mail access and sufficient computer skills to send, receive and edit documents. Additionally, committee members may be asked to assist with mailings, such as the annual fundraising letter, annual report and quarterly newsletter mailings.

Committee Chair Description of Work

All Committee Chairs are appointed by the President.  Each Committee Chair is expected to develop an annual work plan and budget; provide status updates at board meetings and prepare articles for the newsletter; maintain minutes of meetings and distribute to committee members; submit an end of the year summary of activities and accomplishments for the Annual Report and evaluate the committee’s success and make recommendations for the following year.

Individual committee member responsibilities vary depending on the focus of the committee and functions assigned by the chair.  The following provides a brief summary of those responsibilities.

Membership Committee

The primary responsibilities of the committee include responding to inquiries from members and potential members; developing strategies and conducting activities for member recruitment and retention; reviewing and updating membership forms, brochures and directory information; monitoring relevant electronic networking sites in order to promote FOL membership and establishing and maintaining communications with PC-Washington Lesotho Desk officer and PC-Lestho staff in order to achieve on-going membership growth.

Donations/Distributions Committee

The primary responsibilities of the committee include responding to requests for funding by researching the validity of the request; keeping records of all funded projects and related documentation;  distributing charitable donations in a way that allows FOL to continue its tax-exempt status; developing LOAs and MOUs with organizations (primarily in Lesotho), that allow FOL to receive donations in the US on behalf of those organizations; maintaining a predictable pattern of donations of undesignated funds to the Peace Corps Lesotho Volunteer Advisory Committee and Tuition Assistance Project; and distributing funds that have been designated for a specific purpose in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Fundraising Committee

The primary responsibilities of the committee include development of strategies and activities to generate donations in support of the needs specified by the Board’s Operating Plan and Budget; acknowledge donors through personal thank you letters and newsletter recognition; research and implement the most cost effective third party credit card donation processors; develop affiliate relationships to enhance donations;  and monitor and up-date all relevant electronic fundraising sites in order to promote FOL as a worthy cause for donations.

Newsletter Committee

The primary responsibilities of the committee include designing, formatting, proofing and editing copy for newsletters and Annual Reports with the latest professional standards; soliciting committee updates and other articles and pictures of interest from Board members and FOL members at-large; coordinating a system of responsible persons to take turns mailing out the newsletters; and ensuring that newsletters are mailed out in a timely manner.
Nominating and Board Development

This committee is normally chaired by the Vice President. Responsibilities include providing on-going review and recommendations regarding Board-related issues; preparing a list of nominees for the election of Board Directors;

updating the Board Manual on an annual basis; conducting orientation to new Board Directors; preparing for Board Officer succession; and supervising on-going Board Development activities.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. Responsibilities include planning and supporting audits of organizational finances; overseeing development of the budget; ensuring accurate tracking/monitoring/accountability for funds; ensuring adequate financial controls; and reviewing major grants and associated terms such as agreements made with funders who support the organization

By-Laws Review Task Force

The primary responsibilities of the committee include evaluating the organization’s By-Laws on an annual basis and upon request, drafting language to accomplish the intended changes; presenting recommended changes to the Board for approval; and facilitating the entire process by which By-Law changes are made, e.g. member notification and voting.

Annual Meeting Task Force

The primary responsibilities of the Task Force include establishing a time and date for the Annual Meeting in consultation with entire Board; requesting suggestions for guest speakers and securing those speakers; writing the agenda with input from the President and Secretary; arranging all logistics including teleconference requirements, promotion and regional support; facilitating Annual Report Delivery; member notice of the Meeting and nominations slate for elections and working closely with the President to complete plans for conducting the meeting.

Board Officer Summary Description of Work


The chief executive officer of FOL, who presides at meetings of the Board and Executive Committee; supervises all business of FOL, appoints all committee chairs, except the Executive Committee; coordinates the work of the other officers and the committees; appoints short term task forces; and performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Board or deemed necessary for the operation of FOL.  The President does not set the agenda for FOL activities, but guides discussion for the full Board to make the best decisions about what activities and courses of action to pursue.

Vice President

Acts in the absence, inability, or resignation of the President; serves on the Executive Committee; leads the nominations and board development activities; and performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Board or the President.


Is responsible for:  keeping the attendance records of the Directors; sending appropriate notices and preparing agendas for all meetings of the Board; all correspondence of the Board; maintenance of all records and reports of FOL; keeping and reporting of complete and accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee, and the Annual Meeting; maintaining a Board roster; assembling the Annual Report; and performing such other duties as are incidental to the office, and are assigned to the Secretary by the Board or the President.


Is responsible for the receipt, deposit, withdrawal, investment, disbursement and accounting of all funds, following all organizational fiscal policies; submits quarterly (or more frequently if requested) reports to the Board and oversees the annual audit; and performs such other duties as assigned by the Board or the President.

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