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Holiday Greeting Cards

Lumelang FOL Members,

I'm sending you this email because by the time you get this information in the December 2008 Friends of Lesotho newsletter, it may be too late for you to take advantage of the new line of holiday greeting cards now available at the FOL online store.

If you haven't already ordered your greeting cards for the upcoming holidays, please check out our selection at

And check out this unique offer: If you get frustrated when you see a card you like, but the message inside doesn't suite you, we've got the answer for you. We give you the opportunity to select both the greeting inside your cards and the image for the front.

Right now, there are six greetings (and blank) for inside and several dozen Lesotho images to choose from for the front. Samples of the new line of images and the greetings are:

All Profits go to Lesotho Projects

When you purchase holiday greeting cards, or any other merchandise, at our online store, all profits (approximately 20% of the price) go to FOL projects in Lesotho. You can learn more about the charitable work FOL does on the Donations page.

Keep Checking Back

If you don't find a greeting card you like in our store, keep checking back because we will continue to add more messages and images right through the holidays.

Special Personalized Cards

If you have a specific message and/or image in mind, contact our designer, Janissa Balcomb. She'll work with you to customize your very own cards.

If you like what she creates for you and decide to order the cards, there will be a small surcharge for her services. You pay nothing until you place your order and nothing if you decide not to order. And there is a money back guarantee if you don't like the cards you receive.

In return for this special service, we may ask you to give us the rights to make your message and/or image available for sale to others.

Please do not send any images to Janissa until you have heard back from her. She will let you know how, where, and what to send.

Salang hantle,
Kevin Freer