Chronology of Events

* 1988: FOL incorporated as a nonprofit in Maryland.

* 1989-1994: FOL donated $3,000 to Trickle-Up, which made 30 small business development start-up grants.

* 1990: Don Spicer assumed the Presidency, an office in which he would serve for 12 years.

* 1991: IRS granted not-for-profit ststus under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

* 1991: FOL becomes affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).

* 1991: FOL made its first donation to the newly formed Volunteer Liaison Committee (VLC) The VLC later became the Volunteer Advisory Committee.

* 1992: FOL made its first donation to the Scholarship Fund/Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

* 1996: Website Launched.

* 1997: Successful, fund-raising drive conducted, raising over $5,000 between September 1997 and June 1998.

* 2003: Remaining Board members Bill, John, Ted and Dorothy recruit Richard Rowan, Ella Kwisnek, Martha Munson, Kevin Freer, Claire Hilger, Faye Farmer and Jim Mueller. Bill Dunn is president and Kevin Freer is vice-president.

* 2003-2006: Formal infrastructure established that included development of Director responsibilities; Board Manual; establishment of the Membership, Fundraising, Donations/Distributions, and Nominations Commitees. In addition, short term Task Forces were appointed for By-Laws and the Annual Meeting. Special assignments were made such as Embassy Liaison. The work to publish the newsletter was spread out between a Coordinator and an Editor, with all Board members contributing articles and committee updates. A Membership Survey was undertaken to provide opportunity for wider input into the organization’s priorities.

* 2004: First official Board election since 1988.

* 2005: Elizabeth Perry and Todd Vetter were recruited by the Nominations Committee.

* 2006: Partnership formed with Lesotho NGO (Friends of Lesotho, Lesotho) to facilitate funding distribution.

* 2007: Mary Beth Kwenda, Paula Fitzpatrick and Scott Rosenburg join Board.

* 2007-2008: CafePress and relationships formed.

* 2008: Dyann Van Dusen, Ronna Abbot, Deena Row-Krundick and Bill Moore join Board. Richard Rowan becomes president and Martha Munson becomes vice president.

* 2011: Julie Galbraith, Victor Cuevas, Janice Stapleton, Jason Samuelian, and Marty Smith  join the Board.   Kevin Freer, elected President; Dyann Van Dusen, Vice President; Julie Galbraith, Secretary; John Hollister, Treasurer.
FOL Donations Committee sent an historical  record of support with  over $16,000 to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) in Lesotho
FOL began working with the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) to fund PCV generated projects in Lesotho
FOL celebrated its 25th Anniversary at a reunion of RPCVs from Lesotho during the Peace Corps 50th Celebrations in Washington DC.


Today, FOL is at the crossroads of something not only bigger, but better in many ways. Our membership has grown from around 50 in 1986 to 350 at year-end 2008. Dues, donations and other income have grown from the initial $100 from a founding Board Member to $45,000 during calendar year 2008.


We invite all members to make a renewed commitment to revisit, redefine, and perhaps re-establish our mission, vision, and values.


In order to firmly establish the organization for future RPCVs and its program recipients, FOL needs the energy, talents, and commitment of RPCVs to “take their turn” in serving the organization and sustaining it for the future.