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2017 Filings

2017 IRS tax sched A and O – 2018-2-12 | 2017 IRS tax tran and 990ez – 2018-2-12 | MD cert letter 2018-2-15 | MD SoS submittal 2018-2-12

2016 Filings

2016 IRS tax sched A and O – 2017-5-9 | 2016 IRS tax tran and 990ez – 2017-5-9 | FOL 2016 EOY financials – v2017-2-19 | MD cert thru 2018-06 | MD disclosure ref v2017-6-15

2015 Filings

2015 MD Charity Registration

2014 Filings

2014 MD Charity Registration

2012 Tax Filings:

FOL State tax filing forms 2012 | IRS sched A 2013-5-7 | IRS sched O 2013-5-7 | IRS trans and form 990ez 2013-5-7 |

MD State 2013 registration confirm letter 2013-7-26
MD State 2013 registration confirm letter 2013-7-26

2011 Tax Filings:

FOL MD Property tax filing| MD Charity Registration | IRS Tran and Schedule O | Form 990ez | Schedule A | Schedule T

2010 Tax Filings:

IRS 990ez – sched O and A | MD State transmittal form | FOL MD Property tax filing | IRS Form 990-N instructions


2009 Budget Excel Spreadsheet

Financial Detail latest available (3/21/2010)
Project Expenses, Cash on Hand & Operating Expenses.

Financial Summary latest available (3/21/2010)
Project Expenses & Cash on Hand.

Finance Committee Meetings:

January 31, 2008

Historical and Reference:

2008 Budget Excel Spreadsheet

Audit Statement (for year 2006)

Federal Form 990 Filing .jpg image
Federal Form 990 Schedule A .jpg image
Maryland Property Tax Filing
Maryland Income Tax Filing .jpg image

Database Notes
Database to which notes refer is not posted on this website due to individual
membership information contained therein.

2007 Year End Report

2006 Year End Report

2004 Year End Report

IRS Workshop for Small and Mid-size Tax Exempt Organizations, 6/22/05

IRS-pub-1771 pdf file IRS-pub-4221.pdf pdf file

IRS Letter Granting 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status pdf file

Maryland Charity Registration

Maryland Charity Registration 2008 Renewal

Maryland Tax Exemption Certificate jpg image

Fund Raising


Archived Holiday Greeting Card page 12/1/08

End of Year Letter 11/17/08

End of Year Donation Form 11/17/08

Luggage Tag Flyer #1 Jane Hale 10/9/08

Luggage Tag Flyer #2 Jane Hale 10/9/08

Composite Fundraising Flyer #2 10/9/08

Composite Fundraising Flyer #1 9/2/08

GuideStar (JustGive) Contact Info 1/23/08

Memorial Scholarship Form 1/23/08

2008 Work Plan 1/14/08

2007 Committee Self-Evaluation 10/22/07

2008 Calendar Credits 10/22/07

Fundraising Committee Planning Document 5/28/06
Plan, Strategies, Marketing

Walk-a-Thon Resources Package 04/30/12

Memorial Scholarship Plan 11/23/05

Year End Tax Planning Draft 11/21/05

General FOL PowerPoint Presentation 11/21/05–> Wills & Estate Planning Kit 6/5/05

Reorder Estate Planning brochures from: American Bar Association

Cash Receipts

321 N. Clark St.

Chicago, IL 60610-4714

For customer service, call 800-285-2221

Product Code: 5430102 Estate Planning (50 per pak)

Unit Price $49.95

Do You Have a Will? 6/5/05



2009 Meeting Schedule – 5pm Eastern

Contact Dyann Van Dusen for details.

February 7 | April 4 | June 6 | August 1 | October 3 | December 5



Board of Directors Application/Nomination Form
May also be used to volunteer for committee work. See form for committee list.

2008 Activities:

Meeting Minutes 6/15/08
2008 Workplan (in progress)

2007 Activities:

2007 Evaluation
Description of Work for Board and Committee Positions     4/16/07
Meeting Minutes 4/15/07

2006 Activities:

Committee Task Flowcharts:

Donations Committee
Membership Committee Proposed: Membership Committee
Fund Raising Committee
Nominating Committee

Board Manual Planning Checksheet 5/26/06

Meeting Minutes 5/9/06

2005 Activities:

Update 3/20/05

2004 Activities:

Nominations Committee Planning Document 8/12/04

Election Planning Document 8/12/04

Ballot and Candidate Biographies 8/30/04

Email text for initial contact

Telephone flowchart

Annual Meeting

2009 Documents:

2009 Annual Report 8/31/09

2007 Documents:

Annual Meeting Agenda 8/20/07
Annual Meeting Task Force Planning Document 8/20/07

2005 Documents:

Annual Meeting Agenda 9/27/05
Annual Meeting Task Force Planning Document 5/8/05

2004 Documents:

Annual Meeting Feedback Form Summary 3/20/05
Annual Meeting Task Force Planning Document 7/16/04
Annual Meeting Task Force Planning Document 8/9/04
Annual Meeting Draft Agenda 8/9/04
Annual Meeting Final Agenda 9/21/04

Food for Thought

FAO Report
UN Humanitarian Affairs Report #1
UN Humanitarian Affairs Report #2

Donations & Distributions Committee


Memorandum of Understanding with the Mountain Schools Project (Madeline Uraneck)

University of Virginia School of Nursing, Lesotho Health Partnership:
formerly Mbeya Project
Full project proposal (pdf)      FOL grant application (pdf)
GROW Web Site (new project partner in Lesotho)
Update page for project (FOL)

Committee point of contact Martha Munson.

Donations Application Form 3/16/05

Committee Meeting Minutes 6/21/09

Committee Meeting Minutes 4/19/09

Committee Meeting Minutes 2/15/09

Committee Meeting Minutes 12/14/08

Committee Meeting Minutes 11/19/08

Committee Meeting Minutes 5/21/06

Committee Meeting Minutes 3/8/06

Committee Meeting Minutes 11/10/05

Committee Meeting Minutes 3/6/05

Committee Meeting Minutes 9/12/04

Donation Receipt Statement



Current By-Laws – This is the version that was approved by the Board on January 16th, 2011 and adopted at the Annual Meeting on March 12th, 2011.
Summary of changes that was part of the By-Laws committee report for the January 16th,2011 Board Meeting.

2008 Workplan (in progress)
2007 Evaluation

The original 1988 ByLaws

Articles of Incorporation

Lesotho Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)


A newly constituted Friends Group is being established in Lesotho to partner with FOL in the U.S. This initiative has the enthusiastic support of Hill Denham, PC Lesotho Director, ‘Me Thembi, PC Staff, as well as PCVs Chris Dopson, Adam Livingston, and Emily Lefholz. Martha Munson, FOL Board member, met with these contacts while in Lesotho last month to discuss this development. A follow-up conference call was conducted June 11 with Kevin Freer representing the FOL Board.

The purpose of setting up an NGO in Lesotho to partner with FOL in the U.S. is to create a stable group in Lesotho that we will be able to continue to fund projects without violating the Peace Corps’ regulations. The Lesotho Friends Group will provide consistency in future communications, needs established for annual giving and future planning, as well educational and fundraising information and materials we can use in our newsletter and website.

The founding Board in Lesotho will have six positions: The President/Treasurer will be ‘Me Thembi; the Vice President/Secretary, a Mosotho to be named; two PCVs; and 2 other Basotho (‘Me Rosalia, CARE, previous PC staff; ‘Me Palesa, Skills Share Lesotho, previous PC APCD). The Constitution allows between 5 and 15 members so others can be added later on, including two representatives from FOL U.S.

PC Lesotho will provide office support and FOL U.S. will offer resources for board development and organizational support. The FOL representatives from the U.S. will participate in quarterly conference calls with the Friends Group in Lesotho.

As the Friends Group in Lesotho will be established in July, FOL U.S. will develop a Memorandum of Agreement on how funds will be designated for projects in Lesotho and how these monies will be transferred to the Friends Group in Lesotho. The Boards from both groups will ensure that there are no delays in the donations and distributions.

-Kevin Freer 6/11/07
Draft Memorandum of Understanding FOL(US)-FOL(Lesotho) 8/21/07

Tentative Board Members 7/30/07

Committee Meeting Minutes 6/11/07

Constitution 5/30/07