Friends of Lesotho is managed entirely by unpaid volunteers, Board members included. (See FOL Historyfor more details). The Board operates by a division of work process that has evolved and been refined over the years. Because all positions are filled by unpaid volunteers, we try to take a relaxed approach to what we do. Our work is accomplished through the use of committees, task forces, and representatives to associated organizations. We work mostly by email and teleconference and require only a few hours commitment per month.

Friends of Lesotho is continually looking for members who want to get involved. Some examples of periodic and/or short-term support include:


News collection, newsletter assembly and mailings. Members and friends and family of members are always welcome to submit articles and photos of interest to the membership. Our newsletter comes out quarterly.

Copy should be submitted by the first of the month (March, June, September, December) to Faye Farmer, Newsletter Coordinator.

Annual Meeting

This once a year event, scheduled in March, requires a few months of preparation. Please consider helping with program development, annual report writing and mailing, speaker suggestions and organizing regional gatherings to attend via teleconference.


One of FOL’s long-standing goals is to develop an Endowment Fund to sustain the organization for years to come. If you have expertise in the area of developing and managing endowments, please contact John Hollister, Treasurer.

FOL’s are assets are not yet substantial enough to require an independent audit, but we are hoping they will be soon. In that regard, FOL is also looking for someone with auditing experience, particularly related to non-profits. Although we would love this to be offered pro-bono, we have included this expense in our budget.

Board, Committees and Task Forces

Board members are elected based on their ability and willingness to contribute to the achievement of FOL’s purpose. Committee Chairs are Board members and are appointed by the President. Committee members come from the membership at-large as well as from the Board. We need people to step into committee roles so that as current committee members retire, new members can take over.

In brief, the qualifications and expectations of Board and Committee members include:

  • Be a paid member of FOL, in good standing
  • Understand the purpose, policies, and programs of FOL
  • Regularly attend Board and/or Committee meetings and contribute to decision and policy-making
  • Participate actively on one or more of the Board’s committees and/or task forces suited to the Board Member’s interests and skills
  • Provide assistance on an individual basis in areas of personal expertise
  • Foster FOL’s purpose in other spheres of influence
  • Assist with resource development and take fiscal responsibilities as appropriate.

If you’d be willing to help out please contact any of our Board or Committee members or learn more on the nomination/applications page.

We look forward to hearing from you!