Project Funding & Support

Apply for Funding

The Donations Committee reviews all applications for funding to the organization. The Committee meets the third Sunday of every even numbered month (February, April, June, etc.) and makes recommendations at the following month’s meeting of the FOL Board for action.

If you are interested in obtaining funding for your project please review the guidelines below and if you feel that you would qualify, complete the funding application form and return it to the Donations Committee.

Friends of Lesotho Purposes and Guidelines:

The activities of individuals and organizations desiring funding from the Friends of Lesotho should provide assistance to the Basotho through partnership programs and events directed toward areas such as community self-help, development, health, and educational projects.

Recipients are required to provide follow-up reports as to (i) how funds were expended, (ii) outcomes of the project/event, and (iii) an article or pictures (if available) for use by FOL in newsletter, annual report or website publicity venues.

Funds are available via wire transfer with the recipiant being responsible for associated wiring fees.

FOL Grant Funding Guidelines Summary
In addition to providing funds on an annual basis for TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) and VAC (Volunteer Advisory Committee) small grants program, FOL provides funding to other grassroots, community driven projects identified by individual PCVs.
• PCVs may apply to FOL via the Donations Committee application process (see application below).
• At FOL’s discretion a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Letter of Agreement (LOA) may be required prior to formal approval.
• PCVs need to be mindful of the expected project completion date in relation to their own COS date, unless they know another PCV will be assigned to assist with the project completion.
• The Donations Committee meets the 3rd Sunday of every even numbered month. This is when applications are first reviewed by FOL.
• If recommended by the Donations Committee, the application is then reviewed by the FOL full Board at its next meeting (the 3rd Sunday of every odd numbered month). Please be aware of these timeframes when you apply.
• PCVs should not assume that their applications will be approved, and therefore should not notify potential donors to send funds to FOL until their application has been approved and, if required by FOL, a Memorandum of Understanding has been
• Funds received by FOL for projects not previously established will promptly be returned to the donor.

Ask FOL for help transferring funds or supplies to Lesotho

Members and friends sometimes ask FOL for help to transfer funds or supplies to Lesotho for special projects when individuals or their organizations do not have the means to do so.  Special distributions have included:

  • Bank transfers for special projects in Lesotho
  • Supporting programs  that  ship used clothing and educational materials to Lesotho
  • Vitamins
  • Sports Equipment
  • Books
  • University service-learning projects
  • Other on-going requests.