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2018 Election Ballot

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New Candidates
Re-Election of Current Board Members

Board Candidate Biographies

New Candidates

1. Tishina Okegbe

I served as an education volunteer from October 2011-December 2013. I taught math and chemistry at Moyeni High School in Quthing.
I fell in love with Lesotho while serving as a PCV. As an Education volunteer, I became very close to several students and I still keep in touch with them. I continue to follow development progress in Lesotho, especially since I now work in global health, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. I would love an opportunity to again meaningful contribute to growth in the country.
I am very organized, a team player, hard worker, problem solver and exude creativity. I’m willing to get my “hands dirty” and assist in whatever tasks may need to be accomplished. Additionally, I have experience serving as the board president for an insurance non-profit in DC.

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Current Board Members seeking re-election

1. Kathy Jacquart

I was the Country Director for the Peace Corps in Lesotho and worked closely with FOL to align FOL’s grants to PCVs’ projects with PC policy. I found the FOL board to be enthusiastic and I was impressed by their desire to continue to be engaged in Lesotho’s development. I also came to love Lesotho and would like to continue my involvement with the country. I think my experience as both a PC staff member in Lesotho and an RPCV would be an asset to FOL

Dates in Peace Corps

  1. RPCV – Central African Republic 1988-1991
  2. PST Technical Trainer – Sao Tome 1992, Cape Verde 1995
  3. HIV/AIDS Programming and Training Advisor – HQ 2006-2010
  4. Country Director – Lesotho 2010-2013

* * *

2. Aparna Jayaraman

Secondary Science Teacher, Mohales Hoek, Dec 2011-Dec 2013 I was a PCV in Lesotho and am interested staying involved with the country and play some role in its development. When I joined Peace Corps, I believed 2 years to be an ample amount of time to change the world. Only once those 2 years came to an end did I realize how much time it takes to make change and that there was still so much more that I wished to do. I like being involved with FOL so that I can still make an impact (regardless of how small it is) to Lesotho.
I am good at coordinating projects and events, following up with people, and bringing people together for a common cause. I’m quite good with technology (though not in a web development way). I can design fliers and have strong written communication skills.

* * *

3. Stacey McKeever, Champaign, IL

PCV 2003-2005. Primary Resource Teacher, Ha Taung, Maseru District
Peace Corps was a transformative experience for me, as it is for many, and I often feel I gained more than I gave during that time. I made some good friendships, enhanced the skills of a number of teachers, and provided financial assistance and mentoring to a number of people in my community. That being said, the warmth and generosity of the Basotho I knew was extraordinary and I would like a more consistent way to support Basotho, as well as the important projects of current Peace Corps volunteers and their Basotho counterparts.
I spent much of 2014 living in Maseru and was so pleased to see many positive developments in Lesotho since my time as a volunteer, not least of which is increased access to HIV/AIDS care and treatment. Reconnecting with friends and colleagues from a decade earlier was so rewarding and motivated me to take on a bigger role in supporting the grassroots level work at which Peace Corps volunteers excel. I think Friends of Lesotho excels at supporting grassroots level projects and I would like to assist this work as a member of the board.
I have experience fundraising, preparing quarterly and annual reports, developing newsletter content, developing work plans and budget, and preparing and reviewing grant applications. I am happy to serve in the area of greatest need.
Committee: would be interested in donations/distributions, fundraising, board development, finance, annual meeting.

* * *

4. Bill Moore, St. Paul, MN

Independent volunteer, 1983-86. Teacher at Paul VI High School, Ba Taung, Mohale’s Hoek District
Before and after working in Lesotho, I’ve been an educator, organizer and labor movement staff worker. Currently, in retirement, I teach part-time in the Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) program, at Metro State University, in St. Paul, and volunteer with the Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO. I’m privileged to live with Mary Wagner, retired director of the Master of Library and Information Science Program at the College of St. Catherine. We have two adult daughters, one an RPCV (Bolivia & Peru) now a geographer focused on expanding the availability of healthy, affordable food; the other a Ramsey County (Minnesota) Department of Health epidemiologist who has served with the CDC in West Africa.

* * *

5. Scott Rosenberg

My name is Scott Rosenberg, I was a volunteer in Berea from 1989-1991 and I worked with an agricultural co-operative in the village of Morning Star. I was later a fulbright scholar at NUL from 1995-1996. I have written several books and articles about Lesotho, including the Historical Dictionary of Lesotho. Since 2003 I have been taking an average of 30-35 students from Wittenberg University on a month long service-learning trip to Lesotho were we work mostly with orphans and HIV positive children, building homes, community centers, greenhouses, piggeries, planting fruit trees, libraries and other similiar projects. This will be my fifth term on the board, I have served on the donations committee, as embassy liaison, and as president for the last year.

* * *

6. Richard Rowan, St. Paul, MN

National Teacher Training College, 1979-1982
Richard has been a member of the FOL Board for seventeen years. He served as President from 2008-2010. He also served as Vice President and has been Chair of the Donations Committee for several years. He has served on several other committees and task forces. Richard was PCV in Lesotho with the National Teachers Training College from 1979-82 in Mamohau and 1982-83 in Hlotse. He and his wife, Tlotlisang Sekese, travel to Lesotho to visit family and they also support a number of students attending secondary/high school in Lesotho.

* * *

According to Article III, Section 4 of the By-Laws of Friends of Lesotho, “The Nominating Committee shall prepare and mail, email, fax, or otherwise transmit to all Members at least 21 days prior to the FOL Annual Meeting a list of nominees to be Board Directors.”  Note: Since the date of the 2018 Annual Meeting is March 11, the list of nominees for this year’s election must be transmitted to FOL members no later than Monday, Feb. 19, 2018.
The By-Laws further provide that “Additional nominations shall be permitted prior to the election, providing prior permission has been received from the nominee to submit his/her name.  Ballots shall provide for write-in candidates and voting for candidates on an individual basis.  Elections will be held by mail, FAX, and /or electronic ballot.  All votes must be received prior to the Annual Meeting.”